Monday, November 30, 2009

before the "FOR SALE" sign

It is my pleasure to team up with Lardner Real Estate Group and bring you the TOP TEN things to do before putting your home on the market.

Before you even think about putting your house on the market, invest in a deep clean. You will be amazed at what a steam clean can do for worn carpet. Do it yourself or put up a little cash and hire out the dirty work. Either way, it will pay off to have a squeeky clean home to impress potential buyers.

Potential buyers can have a hard time visualizing their style in someone else's home. Neutralize your color palette to help them "see" their new abode. If you have a bright red dining room and sunshine yellow kitchen - bring on the beige! A favorite neutral of mine is Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore.

You have heard it before and it's true. The Newlyweds coming to the open house want to imagine their life in this home. Framed photos of you and Aunt Edna at last year's family reunion are just a reminder that this is your place. So get those personal mementos and photographs boxed up and out of sight!

Move furniture out of circulation zones and remove any bulky pieces that make a space feel cramped. Don't place your beds at an angle in the corner - it makes the room feel smaller and it just looks weird!

Be sure to make the small repairs around the house that any handyman can handle. A leaky faucet, tricky door knob, or surface cracks in the wall can be a turnoff for a potential buyer.

Minimize overhead lights during a showing, and instead turn on lamps, pendants, and sconces. Light at eye level is the most flattering type for you and your interior. If you are using fluorescent sources (way to be energy efficient!) be cautious of light bulbs that have a cool color temperature. These can often make your home feel cold and uninviting. Warm color temperature light sources will help make your home feel warm and cozy.

There is nothing like a first impression. Make sure your yard is weed-free and family friendly before you post the For Sale sign. When my husband and I were looking for a home, the front yard children's swing got us every time. We could envision our future children swinging under that big oak tree on a beautiful fall day...

Simple. Necessary. An open house demands it. My go-to candle for any occasion is Anthroplogie's Capri Blue Jar Candle in Volcano.

We know your husband loves his collection of bobble-heads resembling members of his 2003 Fantasy Football championship team... but the glory days are gone and the time has come to arm-sweep them off the desk and into oblivion (or a cardboard box). Clutter around the house takes focus away from the important and positive selling points that interest a buyer.

Opening a closet door to see bags, clothing and shoes crammed into the shelving is disappointing to a buyer. Even if the storage space is adequate, it seems smaller because it is so crowded. Strip down your closets to hold the bare minimum, and the potential buyers will leave thinking the home has plenty of room for their arrival!

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