Friday, June 28, 2013


Merida is an innovative textile design company that produces natural fiber floor covering in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Not only is Merida flooring durable and gorgeous, it is also sustainable. All of Merida’s products are made of renewable materials like abaca, seagrass, jute, paper, sisal, and wool. This week we were lucky enough to meet with a representative from Boston based Merida. He shared all of the products Merida has to offer with us, including exclusive designer collections. I immediately fell in love with all of the textures, colors, and patterns of the Merida line. The best part is that all materials are available in any size rug and can be applied as a wall to wall application. 

All Merida products are available through Jessica McIntyre Interiors, 
call 817-275-7878 for pricing and lead time.

sisal weave | glacier

wool waffle weave 

the catalyst | celerie kemble by merida collection

craze | ice storm| celerie kemble by merida collection

the bora bora jute rug

herringbone sisal rug

Until Next Friday!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

VENDOR HIGHLIGHT | tritter feefer

Tritter Feefer may be hard to say, but it's easy to remember!  This American furniture manufacturer has been a favorite vendor of JMI for years, but they recently knocked our socks off with 200 HIGH GLOSS finish options.

Here are some classic pieces from their collection, that we love to see in traditional hand-painted finishes.  All pieces available through Jessica McIntyre Interiors, 817-275-7878 for pricing and lead time.

erika chest of drawers

san blas desk

sea island nightstand

How fabulous is this new collection with lucite accents?!?

lucy side chair

lucy cocktail table

Drumroll please...... now for the amazing color library of 200 lacquer options.  Wouldn't you just love to see these pieces in a BRIGHT POPPY or NAVY BLUE?

candace headboard

gabrielle chest

kayla coffee table

x-base desk

o'reilly side table

valise side table

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

INVENTORY UPDATE | what's up, benches?!?!

This week's inventory update features benches, stools & ottomans 
in stock at J.McIntyre HOME. Please contact 
for further information. 

And don't forget the JMH 30% off Summer Sale is this week!

lana bench 
 *Product Dimensions: H:21" D:17" W:54" 

lavender bench  
*Product Dimensions: H:17" D: 16"  W:48" 

ivory leather ottoman
 *Product Dimensions: H:16.5" D: 15"  W:24"
maurice stool
 *Product Dimensions: H:17" D: 16"  W:16"

*Please contact for pricing

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

INSPIRATION | whimsical escape

Last week I had an opportunity to attend a wedding 45 minutes south of Austin in a little town called Buda. The whimsical San Michele was the ideal venue for this sweet Austin couple. It was the perfect combination of Texas comfort, Italian warmth, and Spanish flair - all in a refreshing white and blue palette. 

I was instantly inspired as soon as I walked up to the house. The light stone contrasting the blue doors welcomed me inside. 

How to make it your own: contrasting doors and exterior work well. 

The first floor of the house was one large open space wedding guests could walk through to the gardens. So that the house did not feel like a house during parties, the kitchen was disguised to look like cabinets. This was my favorite part of the whole house! Sometimes clients ask for their kitchen cabinets to have furniture-like elements, but this kitchen actually looked like furniture. The ovens and refrigerators are housed in the cabinets. (ignore the ugly ceiling fan - never okay). 

How to make it your own: think outside of the box. Make sure you have plenty of prep and serving space with a large island, but hide those ugly appliances.  

The venue is a husband and wife's home with twelve acres of gardens. There's a beautiful stone patio, fountain, and trees lit with chandeliers. For the wedding, the couple had fun lawn games and great live music. 

How to make it your own: Dress up your outdoor space with simple iron chandeliers wrapped in inexpensive Christmas lights. 

I loved the mix of different iron lawn chairs and tables used for the ceremony and reception. Great idea for a back yard - mixing different chairs, but all with the same finish. 

After talking to the owner for about twenty minutes, I was reminded that it takes time to make a house a home. She has been collecting all of her accessories for many years from all over Texas and Mexico. Add personal touches to your home from places you visit. 

Basically, I wanted to move to San Michele, or at least borrow ideas from every aspect of the beautiful venue. It was a great getaway right in the heart of Texas. 

Check out their website for more information:

Until next time, 

Sarah Troop 

Monday, June 24, 2013

GET EDUCATED! | design tips for beginners

What comes to mind when you think of interior design? If you’re like me and you are a beginner in this field, then it can be quite intimidating. After being around our designers at JMI, I am learning so much! There are many aspects of design such as coordinating colors & patterns, lighting, furniture placement, accessorizing and working with a designated space. This may seem like a lot of if you are a beginner but I promise it doesn't have to be complicated! Try following these three basic guidelines with your own space.

First things first! Create an inspiration board of everything that inspires you by cutting out pictures from magazines or utilizing the "online cork board" known as Pinterest! 

Second, choose a color scheme and make it simple by sticking with three colors. Take into consideration where you need to add color and whether or not patterns will be used. 

 Last, but not least, trim down your furniture and accessories to only what inspires you. Editing is an artform, and there is nothing worse than unnecessary clutter. 

Have a wonderful week!

-Marcie B. 

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