Sunday, March 13, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year...


Just booked travel plans for both Round Top and High Point Market!  High Point is to-the-trade only, but everyone is welcome to venture down to south Texas and shop 'til you drop at the biggest antiques show in the state.

The show occurs twice a year, and the Spring 2011 dates are March 29 - April 2.  It is fast approaching so book your hotel rooms and make arrangements now!

some round top tips...

I have discovered over the years that even the most comfortable shoes cause pain at the end of an 8-hour shop-a-thon.  BRING OPTIONS.  I even pack an alternate pair with me in my day-bag in case my feet need a wardrobe change to keep going.  Endurance is key at Round Top and you can't let a blisters, aches or pains hold you back!

If you drive a compact car, invite your closest friend with an SUV or truck to take the trip with you.  Or barter a trade... their vehicle in exchange for some great items you pick up for them during the shopping extravaganza.  You never know what you will find in the tents, and it is always a good idea to have room for a special (big) find.  If you can't get yourself a large ride, don't fret.  Freight companies are on site at the larger shows and will ship items straight to your front door... for a hefty fee or course.

Marburger Farm Antique Show and Big Red Barn are the must-see shows in Round Top.  They are BIG and each take a full day to see everything.

The big shows will offer maps to help navigate the barns, houses and tents.  Take advantage.  Back-tracking will only waste precious time.

Have you ever been with a realtor to see home after home only at the end of the day you have a mind full of jumbled living rooms and building facades that you can't keep straight?  This is like that... INFORMATION OVERLOAD!  A trick of mine is to find a booth/vendor that I like, and talk to the owners.  Having a conversation with the people that own the goods will help you to remember the specific items that they offer.  I also like to take a business card, and then snap a photo of the business card along with photos of their goods.  Then at the end of a long day, I can refresh my memory and not forget who sells those FABULOUS THINGS!

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