Thursday, May 26, 2011

amazing vase | dwell studio for global views

DwellStudio has gone product design for Global Views (one of our FAVORITE local vendors).  JMI is hesitant to endorse "the vase" due to some people's ability to pack them in their home like sardines.  Just like candleholders, we cringe when client's homes are cluttered with these unnecessary fillers.  Vases and candleholders are typically the first things to be placed in the garage during a revamp (along with faux flowers/greenery).  So remember to EDIT and only keep the best & brightest.

DwellStudio has created a series of vases that alone can be a stand-out sculptural object on a desk, mantel, or console table.  Beautiful on their own or with fresh flowers, these are some amazing vases!

all available through J.McIntyre HOME (that's right... we will order you ANYTHING!)

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