Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BLOGS WE LOVE | camille styles

I couldn't even tell you how I stumbled upon this amazing blog... it was a late night, and involved some Sauvignon Blanc and glazed eyeballs.  The internet had sucked me in via Pinterest, and I was in deep!  But I am glad it happened, because that is how I was introduced to Camille Styles.

Camille Styles is an amazing blog that is very simply categorized into four key elements... entertaining, food, beauty & style, and life.  I love Monochromatic Mondays, in which she combines interiors, fashion, and tabletop items.  Another favorite are the Iconic Hostess series, in which she shows how various well known names would host a dinner party... from Frida Kahlo to Margot Tenenbaum.  And the featured artist section is amazing for fresh artists & photographers!

Check it out...

camille styles

monochromatic mondays

featured artist:  the animal print shop

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