Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DESIGN | first impressions

There is an art to arriving. The first room in your home guests see is your entryway. With eye-catching patterns, ambient lighting, interesting architectural elements, fresh flowers, and personal touches, you can create a warm welcome. Here are some of my favorite foyers...

Wanting this wallpaper. Somehow it's bold, but not in your face. 

The beautiful arch, black tiled floor, and crisp white walls, what more could you ask for? 

Simple but not stark. Warm and welcoming.  

Loving the diamond patterned door.  

Mirrored ceiling, dark walls, amazing hardware, great art - Kelly Wearstler is flawless. 

What more do you need to know about this house? The entry says it all. One word: cozy. 
And can you believe that jadeite door? Amazing. 

Grand by not showy. Amazing paneling, beautiful lantern, something interesting at every corner, but not cluttered. Side note: plants indoors add life to any space. 

BOLD. My curiosity is peaked and I want to know what's around the corner. 

Just because you don't have a lot of space doesn't mean you can't do something special. Random thought - it never hurts to have extra chairs around. Best place to have them, flanking a great console. 

Can't get over these curves. Three elements that never fail in an entry: flowers, ambient lighting (sconces, lamps), and a mirror. Who doesn't need to check their hair before they walk out the door? 

A statement pendant, antique rug, French providential-esque console, and a distressed brass mirror. 
We mixed a lot, but we love how this entry turned out. 

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