Tuesday, July 15, 2014

INSPIRED | island oasis

A normal built-in island is great. It's functional and can be painted to look a little more special than the perimeter, BUT a kitchen island is a great opportunity to make a statement. 
Here are some of my favorite inspiration shots for islands... 

The white cabinets contrasted with this weathered island that looks like it just arrived from 
France is beautiful. Classic mixed with eclectic = amazing. 

There is something so cozy about a farmhouse table in the kitchen. 
It's perfect for family meals and entertaining guests 

Not 100% my style, but i wouldn't complain if i moved in. 
Normally this island would be "too cold" for me, but it works perfectly with the rich wood cabinet. 

Wow I love this! brass, natural wood, contrasted with the dark washed floors. 
Gorgeous, architectural and functional.

This "soft industrial" kitchen has great traditional elements mixed with contemporary lines. 

I love the idea of an "old farmhouse" piece with a marble top. Easy to do, versatile, and looks great! 

These would make awesome islands! 

graf console  |  72" x 22" x 32"h

gabiano console  |  78" x 23" 32"h 

marble top island  |  35.5" x 71" x 39.5"h 



  1. Jessica - you should really give credit to your sources.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! We will start doing that immediately.


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