Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DESIGN | cut the clutter

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Built in bookshelves are a hot commodity in houses. All of that extra storage, and space to display the things we love. Unfortunately, the things we love can be a little busy and cluttered. So the question is, how can you decorate your bookshelves without making them look cluttered? 

Bookshelves are for books. Don't just fill them with picture frames and random pieces. Put books in the bookshelves, and while you're at it - use pretty books. These beautifully bound books look intentional and not thrown together.

It isn't for everyone in every space, but if you like pops of color, this is a great option. The white palette of this room creates the perfect backdrop for books arranged by color. It's fun and organized at the same time. 

Use books, but also add personal items to break up the monotony. Fun bookends, touches of silver, pottery - these all liven up the shelves. But don't go overboard.
Too much = cluttered. Just the right amount = attractive.
I admit, the example above is on the verge of cluttered. But you get the idea.

Most times, simple is better. Choose large items to fill up single shelves. Balance the shelves with similar items on each side. 

Use books, personal items, AND add baskets for storage. Baskets are a great way to simplify the amount of items you use while disguising unnecessary clutter.

I just like this one -  the fun paint color, the touch of gold, the consistency of the books and objects. This is me. I choose this look for my house.

Hopefully this will come in handy the next time you are overwhelmed by all of the empty space in your bookshelves OR your super cluttered bookshelves. 

Think simple, intentional, personal and functional. Always a great formula for a beautiful space. 

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all images found on houzz.com 

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