Monday, July 8, 2013

GET EDUCATED! | name that style

When it comes to designing a space whether it is a single room or a whole entire house, the common element to consider before beginning any design project is to establish your style of design. Since there are several styles of design it may be difficult to decide what your own unique style is without feeling overwhelmed. Design styles are born out of previous styles and are evolving into distinct types of design as time passes. The below style guides are intended to help you achieve your vision of style and to define what your likes and dislikes are while achieving your dream room or your entire home!

Below are a few styles of design that I enjoyed learning about....enjoy!

Art Deco | classically retro. Combining elements of antique culture with vibes from the 1920s and 1930s.

Arts & Crafts | a period style. A legacy that continues with the ongoing popularity of Mission Style. Crafted with elements of simple construction creating a warm look and feel.

Classical | a very neat style that speaks a state of calm. Inspired by the art and architecture of the Greek & Roman empires. With this style, visual balance is key.

Contemporary | refreshing and clean. A very polished and fashionable look that displays a practical style.

Rustic | unrefined and stands the test of time. A calm and warm look that will envelope you in a cozy embrace.

Southwestern | a lived in style. Influenced by Native American and Spanish design.

Traditional | luxurious and attractive. Emphasizing finely crafted details with beautiful patterned fabrics. Said to be a “top decorating style”.

Have a great week!

-Marcie B.

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