Monday, December 13, 2010

get in the zone

Lost when it comes to furniture placement?  Space-planning can be difficult, especially with odd shaped rooms.  The effort can be made simple by paying attention to one major concept:  THE CIRCULATION ZONE.  Here are some tips to get in the zone!

Tip #1:  Don't drop furniture in one spot when you move in and leave it there!  You should never be afraid to move furniture around the house and try out new arrangements.
Tip #2:  Don't push everything against a wall to make the space feel "bigger", it doesn't work.
Tip #3:  Think about how the space is going to be used, and how the circulation zones will occur.  These zones will influence the layout, and can guide you to furniture placement that works.

This circulation zone divided the space into two distinct living areas.  The main living room was centered around the fireplace as a focal point, and the secondary space was utilized as a card table or occasional family dining spot.

The circulation zone divided this space into many small opportunities.  We started with the bed location, and then placed the media cabinet and television (with the many floor-to-ceiling windows in the space, we were limited with options for the television).  What followed was a comfortable seating group for reading/relaxing, and an open wall for a client requested writing desk.

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