Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WOW with windows

Windows seem to be the last on the list of home decor priority.  Friends and clients will frequently ask me how they can enhance their home to make it look complete.  Some home owners can work, work, work on improving their home, yet the look just doesn't seem "finished".  Hear me now... WINDOW TREATMENTS FINISH THE ROOM!!!  But, please do it right!

Architectural styles can throw home owners for a loop when it comes to treating their windows.  Here are some great examples of window treatments that are appropriate for the space.

ProblemWindows that don't allow for drapery treatments due to size or architectural feature.
Answer:  Roman Shades.  I prefer a natural woven roman shade, or a simple fabric that doesn't fight with the rest of the room.

ProblemWindows that meet at the corner of a room.
Answer:  Don't be afraid to move forward with drape rods and panels because two windows meet in the corner of your space.  The best solution is to look for a drape rod that dies into the wall with no finial, or a drape rod that has a very minimal, simple finial.  A large ornate finial will make the corner appear crowded.  Another solution is to put only one panel on the rod, instead of two.  This will simplify the look and appear less congested.

ProblemWall of windows with operable doors.
Answer:  One long rod that spans the entire wall of windows, with drape panels that are sheer to let light infiltrate the space, and on rings to pull open/closed for access to the doors.  Typically, this occurs in the family room and is the main source of daylight.  Sheers not only let in the natural light, but also allow visibility into the back yard.

Problem:  Low ceilings
Answer:  Window treatments can manipulate the appearance of ceiling height.  Too often, clients settle for placing a drape rod at the top of the window frame, missing an opportunity to fake height.  If you raise the drape rod to the ceiling, the room with feel as though it has grown taller!

My perfect window.... LAYERED.
Windows look their best with an initial layer of roman shades or sheers, with an outer layer of heavier drape panels.  The look is sophisticated and will "finish" any space!

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