Tuesday, January 4, 2011

old dog, new tricks

Two of my clients have recently requested bunk beds in their homes.  In researching the latest & greatest for children's bedrooms, I found an array of refreshing takes on the traditional bunk beds you remember as a child.  The most stylish seem to be the custom-built for bunk rooms... what fun to see a slew of little cousins piled in there together!

Our favorite retail selection for a traditional home is the Kenwood Bunk Bed from Restoration Hardware.  The clean lines and hand crafted pine finish keep the look from being too childish, and will give your room a feel of young sophistication.  An added bonus is that the bed separates and turns into twins, so if your little ones argue over who gets the top bunk - problem solved!

For a modern home, we love the look of this Duet Bunk Bed from Layla Grace.  The contemporary design is sleek and simple, and the colored panels at the end of the bed can be selected from an variety of options.  The extra storage incorporated into the design is a big perk for those of you who's homes lack in the storage department!

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