Monday, January 10, 2011

retail treat | wisteria

Well, I am back from Dallas County jury duty and thankful that my civic responsibilities lasted only half of one day.... whew!  The free afternoon allowed me to wrap up the Crested Butte vacation home and now we are 100% ready for the big installation.  My last stop for the project was at Wisteria's new outlet location in Dallas.

Wisteria has not only abandoned it's former Luna Road location, but also the I-feel-like-I-just-stole-something bargains.  They instead have gone to a blanket 10% discount system.  Which really feels like nothing at all when you are purchasing higher-end home goods.  Regardless, Wisteria has a unique vibe and offers eclectic goods that aren't found at most home retailers.  That is why we return to the warehouse wonder (the Mockingbird location is much bigger and way more beautiful than the old Luna location), and are happy to do so!

Below are some of our long-time favorites from Wisteria, as well as a few newcomers.

Marble Chipote Plate 

French Directoire Bookcase

Diamond Patterned Ceramic Stool
(also available in white)

Oil and Wine Jars

Crosshair Hide Stool

Vintage Elephant Bells

Graphic Suzani-Inspired Dhurrie

Petit Sunburst Mirror

Happiness Pots

Linen Upholstered Cane-Back Chair

Crow Wall Art

Corkscrew Wine Jute Bags

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