Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DESIGN | bring on the color

Hi Gang, 

Confession: I don't usually start a project with a bold, colorful wallcovering, paint color, or fabric. My instinct is to start with neutrals and layer in some color. BUT, I have been so inspired by all these colors I am seeing. Bright, cheery, refreshing. There is a time and place for color, and I think it's here and now. 

WARM WELCOME | what better way to welcome someone into your home than with color - starting with that high gloss navy door. love.  

LAYERS | okay, so this is neutral with colors added, but look at that bold art!

POP | keep that pop of color going. the headboard is bold, but it's so smart to continue the poppy color in the bedding. it gives a finished look  

A THOUGHT | if colors look good together in nature, then they look good together in your house 

ART | benson cobb is one of our favorite artists. gorgeous colors and soft lines 

Don't be afraid to use color! 
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- Sarah

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