Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TREND ALERT | gloriously glossy

It's time. Time to break out of your comfort zone. We've had enough semi-gloss. It's time for something richer, something with more depth, something more special. It's time for HIGH GLOSS paint. We're not talking about every room in high gloss. Choose your application wisely. Here are a few ways we like it: 

BEAUTIFUL BACKDROP | a subtle color is taken to a new level

CLEAN AND CLASSIC | this bathroom beadboard is
                                             amazing in high gloss black

TAKE IT TO THE FLOOR | white glossed floors add an
                                             extra element of elegance  

SMALL & SPECIAL |  take advantage of a small space
                            by popping in some gloss 

WOW | that's all 

                                        VERSATILE | glossy isn't just contemporary, 
                                                                it can work in a traditional space, too

JUST A TOUCH | you don't have to paint a whole room,
               gloss up a piece of furniture 

Need some starter pieces to get your glossy going? We love these pieces from one of our favorite vendors: Bungalow 5 


Sarah T. 

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