Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ENTERTAIN | come on over

When I'm not designing homes that I would love to live in, I am entertaining friends and family in the one I live in (which I love). Whether it be a Thanksgiving dinner, a baby shower, a game night, or a wedding shower, I love getting my friends together to celebrate. A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a baby shower for my sweet friend. I didn't have a huge budget, but I wanted it to be beautiful and fun. So, I gathered up all of my random vases, bought dozens of carnations, and went to town. 

Vases don't have to match. It's more fun when you have a mix of textures and colors. 
Arrange your arrangements. It's easy. 
Just cut and bunch together, but make sure they look good from angle!

Monochromatic and monotype really creates a bold,
 beautiful arrangement. Simple is can be dramatic. 

Create a variety of levels on your table with vases and serving pieces. I prefer white serving pieces, because food always looks it's best with a white backdrop. Fun snacky foods are great for guests to nibble on. I went with pink animal crackers. They were a hit! 

Soft baby pink for a baby girl shower, nah. It was August and hot, and I wanted a fun celebration. So, I found these plates on Amazon, and used them as a jumping point. 

Carnations are not my go-to flower. Actually, I usually run from them. BUT using a them in a shades of pinks, corals, and oranges, packed tightly together turned out beautiful. Not running from carnations anymore. 

So, a little trick I always have to do is label my platters with what is going to be served where. This helps me know how many platters I need and how I am going to lay out my table. 
It puts my type-A personality at ease. 

 I completely, 100% prefer mailed invitations. It's my old-school, traditional side. (check out Paper Source). However, sometimes it's a casual party that doesn't require a mailed invite. My favorite online invite resource is Paperless Post. Check it out. Love it! 

Here are some really gorgeous tablescapes: 

Make every celebration special. Start planning your next party! 

Until next time, 
S. Troop 

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