Tuesday, September 24, 2013

INSPIRED | traveling tuesdays


I am never more inspired than when I travel. Walking the streets of Paris and Barcelona, I couldn't get enough of the wonderful colors, striking architectural elements, and, well, all things beautiful. I snapped pictures of doors, building facades, subway tiles and other unusual eye-catching inspiration. My hope was to come home with new ideas and a fresh perspective. 

These beautiful seafoamy mint doors are framed by this incredible molding and pediment.
This being one of my favorite colors, I am a strong believer that it works in any room on any surface. (my bedroom walls are even this color) And could these beds be more dramatic with their own pediment-like cornice? 

Millwork painted black is handsomely bold. Gold perfectly complements the black.

Maybe an entire room of black and gold isn't for everyone, 
but accents of black and gold are just as wonderful. 

Walking through the metro, these bold subway tiles caught my eye. Paris didn't miss a beat. They created visual interest anywhere they had a chance.

Yellow, gray, and blues work well together. Even in more muted tones like these. 

Eiffel Tower leg. Intricate and stunning. 

Your spaces can be just as eye-catching. Well, maybe not AS eye-catching, but still fabulous. The screens dividing this bedroom add texture and dimension to the space. 

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Catch phrase of the client household currently - "neutral with pops of color." Make the background neutral, and add pops with pillows and art. 

Versailles masters the use of florals and color. 

Florals still lend themselves to traditional rooms, but it's easy to give it a fresh twist with fashion-forward colors and eclectic furnishings. 

I was walking through Barcelona, and this building spoke to me. It said Sic'em. 

Think outside of the box, and be inspired by the unexpected. 

Hasta luego, 

Sarah T. 

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