Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DESIGN | oh baby!

I'm not sure what's in the water, but we have been designing lots of nurseries, playrooms, and children's rooms lately. Such great opportunities to be creative and have fun. Everything from chalkboard walls to wallpapered ceilings, the sky is the limit. Here's what's inspiring us and check out a couple of our designs: 

WOW  |  the large scale art really makes a statement, and the window fabrics are great

SEEING STARS  |  are you kidding me with this wallpapered ceiling? we love it! 

 OUTSIDE THE BOX  |  why buy a changing table when
 you can just use the top of an awesome dresser? 

CLASSIC SURPRISE  |  who usually thinks of navy for a baby girl - 
use classic colors in a surprising way

GET PERSONAL  |  why buy art when you can use what you already have? 
homemade art is usually the most fun anyway

CHALKBOARD  |  draw on the walls? why not? 
this is a very cost effective way to add a fun place for kids to do draw and have fun

COLOR  |  mint green, purple, and black, yes please.
 geometrics, florals, and solids in three colors equals playful AND striking 

MONOGRAMS  |  i love everything about this, but those monograms are fantastic. monograms - never going out of style 

MOD SHARKS and MINNOWS  |  we can't wait to see this nursery come to life. 
loving the emerald green dresser from ModShop and
 white with gray washed legs crib from Land of Nod

PLAYROOM  |  what family full of boys wouldn't love this playroom? we wanted to create a hideaway for three precious, energetic boys. what better place to hideaway than the trees? the pops of color, graphic pillows, and metal letters will look great even as they grow up

play on - 

S. Troop 

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