Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DESIGN | mixed media

We've been having fun at JMI designing a variety of projects. Everything from funky modern spaces to traditional with a twist. Every project has it's own unique flare, but I have noticed one distinct common denominator. We like to mix materials! Metals, porcelain, marble, and wood. Mixing finishes helps rooms feel more personal and eclectic and not so catalog page 35. Here are some shots that have inspired us:  

Loving this farmhouse table base topped with marble. The beaded turquoise chandelier is fabulous.  It works well because the rest of the room is more neutral. 
Neutral color scheme is important with the mixing of many materials. 

This dark wood island and metal barstool work great with the white painted cabinets. 
Again, minimal colors, but lots of great texture. 

Love this lucite desk! Metal cabinets, leather chairs, antique rug, and fun art work great together and the lucite desk goes with anything.

Don't just mix finishes, mix styles. A traditional tufted settee with this amazing brass tusk glass top table is amazing. Modern art hanging  on paneled walls is smart. Glass, brass, fabric, wood - the perfect equation for a cozy, unique amazing room. 

Here are some of our project concept sheets with mixed finishes. 

This family room is going to be fun and fresh with acrylic, metal, and upholstered chairs. 

This bar room is going to be the perfect spot for a drink at the end of the day.
 Rattan is back, and paired with this black bar cabinet, they pop. 

Don't be afraid to mix it up! 

Until next time, 

Sarah T. 

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