Tuesday, October 8, 2013

OBSESSED | loving lucite

Have you ever found yourself craving something other than food? I have. I have been drooling over all things lucite. I want to use lucite in every room, with every style, in every form. Tables, chairs, light fixtures... the possibilities are limitless. Lucite adds sophistication, a little sparkle, a modern flair, and, well, it just ups the cool factor in any room. See what I mean...  

This is probably what most people think of when they think of lucite, clean, simple, modern. 
All true. And a great look, but lucite is so much more... 

We can get this for you! $325

This room leans more traditional, but the lucite adds a breath of fresh air. 

This light fixture is stunning. Please note how lucite really works with any style. The chairs are simple, classic upholstered pieces, and the three full length mirrors are stunning, but add a lucite chandelier, and you've taken this room to the next level. 

One word for this room: Wow. A lucite bed? Are you kidding me? Yes, please. 

Masculine or feminine, lucite swings both ways. 

Love this bench from JMI! 

Until next time, 

Sarah T. 

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