Wednesday, October 16, 2013

GO ON STRIKE | match strikes

Round Top is such a fun bi-annual tradition.  Every October and April, we travel down to the open fields of the Lone Star State for fantastic finds and (hopefully) bargains too!  We collect one-of-a-kind inventory for our shop, and scout antiques for discerning clients.

This year I made a small personal purchase that I am kind of obsessed with... an antique match strike.  Match strikes are a beautiful way to display matches in a bedroom, kitchen, powder room, etc.  They can sit as an unique accessory on a fireplace mantel, side table, or nightstand.  Use "strike-anywhere" matches and enjoy your small treasure!

Here is one similar to my purchase... (but mine was a big-time bargain)

Enormous Glass Match Strike

Interesting antique find... the dog's head tilts back to reveal concealed matches

French Bronze D'ore Figural Dog Match Strike image 5

French Bronze D'ore Figural Dog Match Strike image 4

Beautiful glass match strikes by Lucy Cope, SO CHIC!

For a more rustic look, here is a match strike made of cast iron, by Canoe Online

Match Strike & Keeper

Jonathan Adler has perfected the modern, whimsical take on a match strike

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