Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello friends,  It's about that time. Time to bring in the wood and strike up a fire. We've had quite a few clients ask lately what they can do to dress up or refresh their fireplaces. Sometimes it just takes simplifying your decor or a can of paint. 
Here are some fireplaces that we're liking… 

MIX IT UP |  Painted woodwork, stone slab surround, and a rustic mantle.
 I love mixing the sleek stone with the well-worn mantle. 
The contrast between the dark, warm gray woodwork and light limestone is beautiful. 
And the detail of the silver firewood rack against the red brick is great. 

CONTRAST THIS |  I love everything about this. From the recessed stone (genius), to the grand mirror. It's striking. The crisp black line of the mantle that wraps around the entire fireplace beautifully contrasts the traditional white woodwork. I even love the iron sconces, the sculptural piece, and hydrangeas. Lovely.  

SOFT AND SUBLTE  |  The soft curved lines, the monochromatic white, and the beautiful art make for a beautiful, cozy fireplace. 

LESS IS MORE  |  This beautiful limestone slab front fireplace is perfect for a more modern space. It creates an impact without being fussy. 

WOW  |  This fireplace has a "wow factor" with the black marble. Amazing. The decorations are simple and perfect. Layering a few small items in front of the art just works here. A staggering of heights with the flowers, candlesticks and sconces creates great dimension.

FOCAL POINT  |  At JMI we typically prefer art above the fireplace instead of a mirror. This way the ceiling isn't being reflected, and art is a great opportunity to add color. 

QUICK UPDATE  |  Should you or shouldn't you paint your brick? That is usually the question we get. Paint it! The clean monochromatic look is great. Or you can pick a darker, contrasting color (see images above). So many options and it's an easy, inexpensive way to update your fireplace. Don't be scared to paint that brick. 

KEEP IT SIMPLE  |  In a living room JMI just installed, we decided all the fireplace needed was a beautiful screen. We chose this great geometric fireplace screen in a champagne finish. It was the  perfect finishing touch. Firescreens add so much. 

Available through JMH for $347.50! 

Happy Fall Ya'll!

- Sarah T. 

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