Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ACCESSORIZE | coffee tables

Wide open spaces... what do you do with them? 
I'm not a fan of clutter, but I also like beautiful accessories. 
So, how do you decorate a coffee table without making it look cluttered? 

TRAY |  keep it contained on a tray 

BIG & SMALL |  a few big pieces cut down on clutter 

MIX IT UP |  create texture by mixing silver, pottery, glass, wood, and books 

HEIGHT |  orchids are great for adding height but not blocking the view, 
and they are beautiful!

COLOR | coffee tables are the perfect place to add pops of color with books, 
flowers, and other odds and ends

STACK IT UP | don't fan out your magazines and books, but neatly stack them and top them off with a fun bowl, shell, or something quirky and personal 

GROUPS | Grouping books and objects together makes tabletops look intentional and not an after thought

MONOCHROME | decorating with one color simplifies any look 

FLOWERS | common theme in pictures above: flowers! they are the easiest way to make ANY space beautiful. there is no simpler pleasure than fresh flowers - love, love, love

Check out Beth's post tomorrow to find out what great coffee
 table accessories we have here at JMH. 

Until next time, 

S. Troop 

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