Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OBSESSED | new view

    What is it about windows with dark metal casing that I absolutely love? Is it the crisp, clean lines? The ode to industrial design? The fact that every view appears to be perfectly framed? Well, it's probably all of the above. If I were building my own house or renovating an old house, these windows would be high on the priority list. Way up there. 

HEIGHT  |  floor to ceiling, yes please

ARCHED  |  are you kidding me with these arches? gorgeous

EVERYWHERE  |  walls of windows would be wonderful 

WARM WELCOME |  what better way to welcome someone into your home?

OPTIONS  |  maybe you don't want to redo your existing windows, so paint your millwork instead

BEST VIEW  |  who would want to obstruct this view? not me

These windows are contemporarily streamline and traditionally industrial. Which means they go with any style. Sign me up. 

Until next time, 

S. Troop 

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