Wednesday, August 14, 2013

INVENTORY UPDATE | scents we love

Stop by J. McIntyre HOME and find your scent obsession through our Nouvelle candles. 

I love the clean and crisp scent of FRESH LINEN in my home.
candle | $28

TUSCAN CURRANT is a very close second. 

 tin | $17

BLACK MISSION FIG | The Essence of sun ripened fig with light green fruit notes blended in perfect harmony. Lusciousness at its finest.

CREPE MYRTLE | Narcotic in its allure, a landmark in southern landscapes for centuries. This unique intermingling of white honeysuckle, light citrus and exotic green wood is truly captivating. 

FRESH LINEN | The revitalizing scent of clean, fresh linen, windswept from an afternoon on the clothesline in the summer sun.  Powerful yet sophisticated. 

LAVENDER LIME | Field grown fresh lavender infused with the sharpness of lime blossoms. Enticing in its goodness, a true favorite revised. 

TOUJOURS | An unlikely collaboration between herbal Rosemary and pungent Patchouli that is elegant, dusky and sensual.

TUSCAN CURRANT | The tartness of Black Currant combined with cassis create this truly unusual fragrance. Completed with notes of sparkling lime. 

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