Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DESIGN | catching some zzzz's

Why do we make our beds one of the busiest, fussiest places in our home? 

Exhibit A:

It's time to rethink how we make our beds. Beds are great places to express personality and have fun with fabrics, but they do not need to be tricked out with fringe, flange, and patterns galore. 

How do you dress a bed that looks peaceful? At JMI we like to simplify beds by choosing neutral colors and one pop of color or fun pattern. A simple coverlet, beautiful duvet, a few Euro pillows, and an accent pillow or two are a great combo. 

Personally, I like all white bedding and one or two accent pillows with color. I have a white cotton coverlet that has looked good for seven years. I have a rouched white duvet, white Euro pillows, white standard pillows, and one beautiful velvet long pillow in front that adds color. 

Here are some beds that I would love to sleep in: 

There are plenty of interesting elements in this room -
the wall color, window treatments, lamps, furniture, light fixture, etc.
The bed is beautiful, simple, and somewhere I could rest. 

Calming, relaxing, beautiful - everything I want in a bed. 

Warm and cozy. Handsome and interesting.

Lots of personality, but simple.

Make a beautiful bed, and get some rest! 

- Sarah Troop 

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