Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DESIGN INSPIRATION | tempting tile

Hi there! 

For those who don't know me, I'm Sarah.  An adventure-craving, truth-seeking, design-loving, junior designer with Jessica McIntyre Interiors. For those who do know me, hi again.

Have you ever walked into a store and had a strong desire to take home everything in sight? This probably doesn't happen often, thank goodness. Rarely do you feel like the store was tailored made for you. But, sometimes it DOES happen (you probably feel this way when you walk in J.McIntyre HOME).

It happens to me every time I walk into Ann Sacks, a tile showroom in the Dallas Design District. I'm convinced I need a home with tile in every room. The textures, colors, shapes - they all excite me.

Who is Ann Sacks? Ann Sacks is a designer who was first inspired by a Mexican tile trivet. She started selling Mexican tiles, then grew to creating tiles to work with Kohler fixtures, and now has a vast variety of designs. 

Can you afford it? Absolutely! Ann Sacks has a wide range of prices. Everything from $9 a square foot to, well, much higher. 

Simple subway tiles in a plethera of colors are just the beginning of what this designer has to offer. Leather, stone, cement, wood, porcelain, terra cotta, circular, rectangular, diamond, hexagonal, classic, modern, eclectic, Italian, Mexican, and so many others. There is something for everyone.

Here are some Ann Sacks tiles that have inspired me...

ogassion flow 3d

geo weave

bombay mosaic 

why not take the pattern up the wall?! wow! 

why not have an entire wall of tile in the kitchen?! gorgeous statement! 

Why not have something this awesome in your own house?!

Sarah T. 

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