Monday, June 3, 2013

GET EDUCATED! | a backwards approach to bookshelf design

As a new addition to Jessica McIntyre Interiors, I would like to introduce myself to you as Marcie Beaty, Public Relations & Marketing. Not only am I a newbie to the JMI Team, I am a newbie to the world of Interior Design! Every Monday I will educate you on something new and exciting I have learned pertaining to Interior Design. With that being said, this brings me to today’s blog entry on displaying books backwards on a bookshelf. Interesting, right?? The first time I visited Jessica McIntyre’s house, I noticed that the books on her bookshelves were turned the opposite way that you and I would normally see them displayed. Below is a picture to better illustrate this.

 I have been in a lot of homes with bookshelves and have never once seen books displayed this way and it intrigued me. Naturally, with Jessica being an Interior Designer, I automatically assumed that this was a decorating style that she adopted and I was very curious to find out why exactly this is done. I went straight to “Google” to find out the reason behind this. Oh and by the way, Google is my best friend…seriously…if you want to know ANYTHING about ANYTHING; my motto is to just “Google It!”

My discovery was that it really is a way to incorporate a certain level of design into your home or office! The explanation behind this is that it gives the entire room a clean and balanced feel as well as takes the focal point from the random colors on the book spines to accentuate the wall color/texture, lighting, furniture, or even items displayed on the shelves. There are mixed reviews from people when it comes to this style of d├ęcor, as some people prefer to see the titles of their books whether they are avid readers that wish to revisit that special book time and time again or if they personally like the wide array of colors of their book collections. Then there are other people that use books simply to add a decorative look to a room and are not concerned with the above mentioned preferences. To each its own, right?!

How’s that for some Interior Design education and a quick fix to change the entire look and feel of a room? I don’t know about you, but I learn something new everyday! Until next Monday, have a wonderful week and please be sure to share the JMI Blog with your friends and family!

-Marcie B.

Below are a couple of images that display monochromatic bookshelf design...

Theses books are covered with decorative paper displaying a shabby chic look. 

These books are displayed with the spine facing towards the wall while achieving a neutral look.

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