Friday, June 7, 2013

DESIGN INSPIRATION | mixing patterns

Hi Everyone!

I’m Mallory, the newest member of the JMI team.  As a junior designer, I am so excited to bring you design inspiration every Friday!

Mixing patterns in a room is a great way to create depth and layers of interest. Just like pairing a shirt and tie or skirt and a blouse, you can mix and match patterned furniture, accent pillows, and draperies.

Bringing in bold patterns and colors can give a room personality! If you are uneasy about mixing bold patterns, try taking on patterns in a similar color palette, grays, blues, or even black and white. 

JMI design | photography by jenifer mcneil baker

patterned duvets, drapes, and pillows all coordinate in this 
space to create one unified and unique look

a solid sofa creates the perfect anchor for a mix of bold, yet similar patterned pillows

happy chic by Jonathan Adler at JCPenny home- 
a great mix of fun prints that create a unified look

Try mixing prints in your home! It's fun and can add depth and personality to every room in your house.

Until next Friday -

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