Thursday, June 20, 2013

DESIGNER PROFILE | barry dixon

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Last week our team was invited to join Arteriors Home and Barry Dixon for a design event and book signing.  Before attending, I didn't know much about Mr. Dixon... what a shame!  Not only is he an uber-talented interior designer, but he has designed product lines for some incredible labels.  In addition to all of that - the man requires nearly no sleep.  He runs on about 3 hours per night... MY HERO.  Seriously.  Just imagine what you could accomplish!!!

During the event Barry spoke of his design philosophy and it was SO REFRESHING to hear him say that design is about the CLIENT, not the designer.  I share the belief that good design isn't accomplished by pushing your style or "brand" onto a client.  Good design is accomplished by working with a client to enhance their environment, and create a space that reflects the person they are and the way that they live.

Couldn't. Agree. More.

Barry's book is a wonderful addition to any library - order yourself one & get inspired!

Here are some of my favorite Barry Dixon spaces...

love the gray and pink combination, especially the artwork

beautiful windows & drapery treatment,
interesting chandelier installation (wonder if it raises and lowers!?)

one thing i love about barry's designs, is that i actually recognize product!
here, barry uses the chelsea cabinet by arteriors home and sets it up as a bar
(arteriors chelsea cabinet available through JMI)

sleek kitchen design with rustic counter stools by zentique
(zentique counter stools available through JMI)

Barry doesn't stop with fabulous interiors, he has also created beautiful product...
(all available through JMI)

"ishtar" fabric for vervain

"equus" nesting end tables with shagreen finish and horse head pull

"english fret" trim for vervain

"anvil" side tables for arteriors home

"chain" floor lamp for arteriors home

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