Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Are you a mind reader? Me either. Do you wish you were sometimes? Me too. 

There are times when I walk into a client's home and I wish I could read their mind. OR I am trying to communicate my vision for their home and I am wishing they could read MY mind. 

What's the best way to communicate your vision? Concept images! What's a concept image? It's an inspiring picture that shows a successful completed space or just speaks to you in some way. If I want an idea for a white bedroom, a room with a splash of color, or a great outdoor seating space, I pull concept images to help illustrate my thoughts. I love when clients have pulled images of spaces they like. It helps the design process so much! 

Where can you find concept images? Pinterest and Houzz are both awesome resources! Use these websites to get inspired! These are great starting points to get the creative juices flowing. Maybe you like the color of a plate, a pattern on a pillow, or a fabric on a chair- save it! If the picture catches your attention, peaks your interest, and makes you feel good, apply it to your home! 

Here are some images I find inspiring! 

How energizing and heart warming is it to walk into a home with fresh flowers?! Fresh flowers are definitely one of my favorite things ever! But why not apply these great colors in other ways? I would love pillows in these colors on an all white bed! 

Tall, arched windows with black metal casing! Sign me up! I would move in right now. 
Open and airy, cozy, but tailored - I love it all. 

Do you love traveling? I do! This transports me to a little town on the outskirts of London. The simplicity, the contrast, and the textures. I want a room with white furniture, lots of textures, and black and blue accents. 

I want to snuggle up in this bed! It's great to layer neutral tones 
together and add a little hit of color. Soft and relaxing. 

You don't have a lot of light in your kitchen? Add a large, not-too fussy mirror on one wall. 
I'm a fan. 

Well, I'm inspired! How about you? Start pinning and ideabooking it up! 

your friend, 

Sarah T. 

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